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US-2016135941-A1: Biliary stents and methods patent, US-2017107648-A1: Selvedge forming device for a weft thread patent, US-2015053149-A1: Bolus bag patent, US-2015080183-A1: Apparatus for the assisted performance of a fitness exercise patent, US-2015192356-A1: Refrigerator patent, EP-0626533-A1: Fixing clamp on a support for a pipe or the like patent, US-2015257330-A1: Seed Planting Apparatus patent, US-2016062751-A1: Method and apparatus for optimising computer program code patent, US-2017001249-A1: Drill bit with a replaceable cutting portion patent, US-2015288671-A1: Method of processing requests for digital services patent, US-2016164736-A1: Technologies for Autonegotiating 10G and 1G Serial Communications Over Copper Cable patent, US-2015257338-A1: Agricultural harvester with bevel gear drive patent, US-2015349756-A1: Semiconductor device and method for operating the same patent, US-2016153944-A1: Ring Shaped Counter Electrode to Improve Beam Stability and Compound Sensitivity on a Ceramic Tile Type Microfluidic Device patent, US-2016201276-A1: Forms and screed for paving materials patent, US-2016205109-A1: Website access control patent, US-2016010964-A1: Hollow Tube Projectiles and Launch Systems Thereof patent, US-2015251202-A1: Aerosol container fixing plate patent, US-2016308444-A1: Switching unit and power supply circuit patent, US-2015242285-A1: Persistency free architecture patent, US-2017156745-A1: Endoscope treatment tool patent, US-2016233061-A1: Heated Air Plasma Treatment patent, US-2017270066-A1: Self-moderating bus arbitration architecture patent, US-2015082196-A1: Simultaneous editing/accessing of content by collaborator invitation through a web-based or mobile application to a cloud-based collaboration platform patent, US-2015165998-A1: Side collision detection device for vehicle patent, US-2016064961-A1: User-behavior-driven battery charging patent, US-2015077495-A1: Recording apparatus patent, US-2015084023-A1: Organic electroluminescence display device patent, US-2015099407-A1: System and method for transmitting power through a plug-in unit patent, US-2015152306-A1: Heat transfer fluid replacing r-410a patent, US-2015156238-A1: Rapidly initializing and dynamically adjusting media streams patent, US-2015197808-A1: Cytokines as prognostic markers of respiratory-tract infection following major surgery patent, US-2015198929-A1: Wearable Electronic Device patent, US-2015203042-A1: Trike Mid-Step Mount/ Dismount Assist patent, US-2015217107-A1: Systems, apparatuses, and methods for providing non-transcranial electrotherapy patent, US-2015234985-A1: Rf transaction system and method for storing user personal data patent, US-2015248526-A1: Method for Preparing a Patient for Colonoscopy Procedures patent, US-2015249411-A1: Motor drive apparatus and discharge control method of the same patent, US-2015267409-A1: Modular roof panel with integrated drainage system patent, US-2015290229-A1: N-acetyl mannosammine as a therapeutic agent patent, US-2015307583-A1: Reactivation of Axon Growth and Recovery in Chronic Spinal Cord Injury patent, US-2015330085-A1: Mesh gutter cover patent, US-2015335001-A1: Electric Fishing Reel and Remote Operation System and Method patent, US-2015348576-A1: Hard Disk Drive Suspension Dimple patent, US-2015350782-A1: Differential microphone with dual polarity bias patent, US-2015375585-A1: Trailer Coupling and Load Carrier Arrangement For A Trailer Coupling patent, US-2016017398-A1: Processes for bioconversion of carbon bearing materials patent, US-2016019617-A1: Methods and apparatus for facilitation of orders of food items patent, US-2016050993-A1: Glove with enhanced gripping surface patent, US-2016086211-A1: System and method for real-time, rules-based social media amplification patent, US-2016114916-A1: Process and apparatus for pouch-forming with optimized fill accuracy and headspace patent, US-2016132197-A1: Blood purification device feedback method patent, US-2016147602-A1: I/o handling between virtualization and raid storage patent, US-2016147766-A1: System and method for searching structured data files patent, US-2016161429-A1: Systems and methods for deterministic emitter switch microscopy patent, US-2016166834-A1: Criteria for optimal electrical resynchronization during biventricular pacing patent, US-2016171165-A1: Methods and systems for intelligent routing of health information patent, US-2016171699-A1: Automated registration of three-dimensional vectors to three-dimensional linear features in remotely-sensed data patent, US-2016176505-A1: Tailplane with positive camber patent, US-2016192860-A1: Systems and methods for medical procedure confirmation patent, US-2016193020-A1: Holding device for an abutment blank, system comprising the retainer and the abutment blank, and method for retaining and machining the abutment blank patent, US-2016209394-A1: Nanofluidic channels with gradual depth change for reducing entropic barrier of biopolymers patent, US-2016229072-A1: Blade set, hair cutting appliance, and related manufacturing method patent, US-2016229420-A1: Low-pressure environment structures patent, US-2016253730-A1: Cooperation server, cooperation program, and ec system patent, US-2016262741-A1: Off-center tissue anchors with tension members patent, US-2016268856-A1: Embedded-permanent-magnet electric motor patent, US-2016288693-A1: Vehicle tie-down assembly patent, US-2016324874-A1: Retinoid x receptor-gamma agonists and retinoid x receptor-alpha antagonists for treatment of cancer patent, US-2016331779-A1: Method of inactivating toxins using oxidative chlorine species patent, US-2016342285-A1: Method and apparatus for displaying popup window message patent, US-2016363771-A1: Strap System for Head-Mounted Displays patent, US-2016367524-A1: Use of Lappaol F to Inhibit Tumor Cell Growth patent, US-2016371828-A1: Method and apparatus for determining an orientation of a video patent, US-2016374475-A1: Back support patent, US-2016375180-A1: Method for producing medical device and medical device patent, US-2017002508-A1: Dryer patent, US-2017008049-A1: Method and system for recovering antifreeze from a dust prevention system of a mineral material processing plant patent, US-2017010625-A1: Method and apparatus for gas flow control patent, US-2017011865-A1: Switch for a Seat Belt Buckle patent, US-2017019169-A1: Optical communication device and optical communication method patent, US-2017036154-A1: Monitoring of a pressurized gas-based cleaning process in a hose filter installation patent, US-2017042072-A1: Optimization program and mounting work system patent, US-2017050147-A1: Complexation and removal of mercury from flue gas desulfurization systems patent, US-2017051467-A1: Floating debris skimming device patent, US-2017057292-A1: Reduced weight aircraft tire patent, US-2017068707-A1: Methods and apparatuses for reducing power consumption in a pattern recognition processor patent, US-2017071036-A1: Apparatus for providing rf stirring with solid state components patent, US-2017090888-A1: Tiered arrays patent, US-2017091520-A1: Line-of-sight detection method and device patent, US-2017095404-A1: Pressure-regulating vial adaptors patent, US-2017112249-A1: Protective Wrap For Laptop Computer Combined With Built-In Ambidextrous Mouse Pad Functions patent, US-2017113286-A1: Insert and tool holder for mounting same patent, US-2017132250-A1: Individual and user group attributes discovery and comparison from social media visual content patent, US-2017138478-A1: Sealing gasket for piping systems and its manufacturing process patent, US-2017139529-A1: Detecting method for touch panel and detection circuit thereof patent, US-2017157560-A1: Installation comprising an exhaust gas-generating treatment device, an oxidation catalytic converter and a reduction catalytic converter, as well as a method for treating exhaust gas in such an installation patent, US-2017165626-A1: Element for Injecting Fuel into a Regenerator of a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit patent, US-2017175494-A1: Method of modelling hydrocarbon production from fractured unconventional formations patent, US-2017183508-A1: Method for protecting article from sulfate corrosion and article with improved resistance to sulfate corrosion patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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